ULiège Master students in mission to Oukaimeden Observatory in Morocco

30 students from the Masters in Space Sciences from the Liège University and Cadi Ayyad University from Marrakech spent a week under the starry skies of the Oukaimeden Observatory to live the life of an astronomer.

It's under beautiful and cold starry nights in the Atlas mountains that the master students in space sciences of the Liège Universty have spent a week in the Oukaimeden Observatory to use the TRAPPIST-North telescope to carry out their own science projects: asteroids rotational light curves, exoplanets transits observations, variable stars light curves, HR diagram of globular and open clusters, observing comets and searching for new asteroids or just making beautiful pictures of the sky. A full week observing at night and working on the data during day, or discovering the nice landscapes of the Atlas Montains.

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