Earth-sized rocky planet orbiting a nearby star

In this artist's rendering of GJ 1132b, a rocky exoplanetvery similar to Earth in size and mass, circles a red dwarf star
© Dana Berry


TRAPPIST has been part of the discovery of a new rocky planet three times closer to Earth than any previously discovered Earth-sized planet and in orbit of a M-dwarf star. M-dwarf stars – hydrogen-burning stars that are smaller than 60% of the size of the Sun – are the most common class of stars in our Galaxy. Although the planet is too hot for human habitation, it is cool enough to support a substantial atmosphere and close enough for existing and upcoming telescopes to be able to observe the atmosphere's composition and dynamics. Stay tuned !
Zachory Berta-Thompson and colleagues from the MEarth project report in Nature their discovery of GJ 1132b

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