Oukaïmeden Observatory


TRAPPIST-North Coordinates (Z53):

Latitude: 31º 12' 22 (N)  / 31,2061 (N)
Longitude: 7º 51' 29 (W)  / 7,8664 (W)
Altitude:  2751 m

The Oukaïmeden Observatory located at 50km south of Marrakech (Morocco) is operated by the Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech and has been inaugurated in 2007. Located in the High Atlas mountains, at an elevation of 2750m, the observatory benefits of good observing conditions in a semi desertic area with about 250 clear nights per year.



TRAPPIST-North: inauguration of a telescope from Liège in the Moroccan Atlas

Trappist-North, the little brother of Trappist-South (La Silla, Chile) was inaugurated at the OukaImeden Observatory, in Morocco.

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